Why you apply MSME with Business Aadhar: Gain more than what you Paid

Udyam registration is the only process to classify your business eligible under MSME to avail all long lists of benefits. It includes business registration, inception, development, and closure as every part of the business life cycle. Benefit in terms of financial and non-financial motivations to do more than you can. MSME Registration application is an online proceeding, Whereby your Aadhar OTP or with other credentials you can register with the department. But during application you have to take care of relevant details; otherwise, it will affect your relevant benefit also.

Once You Think to avail MSME Benefits, Check your Eligibility

Not to worry about reading the whole definition and setting where you are, But you can directly check your eligibility. If you are eligible, then not wait for tomorrow and APPLY NOW to receive the registration credential in hours.

Apply Now >> Act Now >> Eligible to avail Perks

Just receiving a credential is not enough to get benefits, But you have to use it systematically and acknowledge it to relevant parties, as we are registered under MSME Act, and we are authorized to be eligible for all benefits.

Some of the example for your reference:

  • MSME Registration credential should be mentioned over Invoice, Eligible to avail maximum 45 Days recovery period from debtors else authorized to recover interest on late payment from your customer.
  • MSME Registration Certificate should be share with Private Limited customer to Acknowledge your enterprise is covered and registered under the Act, Private Limited customer should be pay within 180 Days else they have to report to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs with the reason why they could not make a payment, and additionally to liable for late payment interest as mentioned above.
  • Even if your customer is not paid in time, or doubt about recovery, Then you have one more legal way other than the court is MSME Samadhan Portal, Where you have to just fill in all details relevant to transaction and Customer Name, Address and another business credential. Govt. will support you to recover your money without any additional cost. They will take follow up and if required, then arrange a one-to-one meeting to settle your transaction in a better way.
  • If you are planning a new Business, Then help to open the current account as one of the Legal evidence and authorized documents for some of the Bank.
  • Once you dream to make a unit where you provide service or manufacturing facility, Then you are eligible to avail.
    • Collateral Free Loans
    • Capital and Interest Subsidy by State and Central Government


Interest Subsidy: Its cap is around 5% – 9% in bank interest rate, which means if the Bank is charged 11% for your loan and if you are eligible at 9%, Then you have to bear net interest cost at 2% only. It is a BIG BENEFIT for controlling your finance Cost.

Capital Subsidy: It is the eligible basis on your location, industry, and cost component of your project. It’s 10% -35% of your project cost and amounts up to Rs. 50 lacs by different state policy, central department policy.

Above financial benefits only eligible for registered enterprise Only.

Duty waiver in Power Cost for Manufacturing units for the first five years.

MSME has a very long list; the above details are part of it.

Business Aadhar portal having qualified executive to process your registration in hours

  • Secured Portal by businessaadhar
  • Save your time to process your application.
  • Accurate Registration
  • You check your eligibility before you Apply for Registration
  •  Consult your query: How you are eligible and you can avail benefits.
  • WhatsApp Support at 24 x 7
  • Shared Contact Details: +91 – 82000 24380 and info@businessaadhar.com

As part of the registration process, nominal professional fees are charged by Business Aadhar consultants, But It will save your time and support to avail your perks right now.

Why are you waiting to Apply?

As per MSME Act, 2006, Every business covered under MSME even if they are registered under Udhyog Aadhar or SSI registration, Must Re-register MSME under udyam registration before 31st March 2021. So, it will be a wise decision to apply today, and Don’t wait for tomorrow. Making a registration is not enough; instead to take action to avail it. It’s the right time to make registration and grab it given by MSME Act to support your business.




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