How to Apply for Udyam(MSME) Registration Online?

How to Apply for Udyam(MSME) Registration Online?

Udyam registration certificate is an online document generated for MSMEs that states the key information about the business. The MSME certificate is valid for a lifetime. Udyam certificate has a dynamic QR Code that enables accessing an enterprise’s details through the government portal.

MSME stands for the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. The government of India has initiated the opportunities where MSMEs can take advantage of various schemes under the MSMED Act. If you own a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), Private Limited Company, Proprietorship firm, or Public Limited Company, you are eligible for MSME registration.


The ownership of MSME registration will bring on enormous benefits for your business that incorporates:

  • Eligibility for various types of tax rebates
  • Accessibility to the government tenders’ especially open for MSME
  • Avail variety of bank loans at cheaper rates
  • Greater preferences for government license and certificates, and many more.


In short, you can easily take advantage of many schemes if you have completed online MSME registration. But how to accomplish that process?

Are there any specific requirements? Is the process online or offline?

You may have been encountering many questions while you need to complete the Udyam registration process. Read this article to get a comprehensive overview of the SSI registration online.


The Application Process For Udyam Registration Online

Here, we are explaining the step by step process to complete the application successfully. Let’s explore the steps:


Step 1: Starting the MSME registration process

This process can be done online and offline. However, MSME registration online is an easy and convenient choice. There will be an online form to fill in the mandatory details in order to proceed further to receive the Udyam registration certificate.


Step 2: Filling the application form

The application form requires many minute details about your company, so it is advisable to collect all the information beforehand. If you have all the necessary information handy, it will be easier to complete the form.

However, there might be some files which need expert advice to put the details in the application. Business Aadhar offers personalized assistance for businesses that want to complete the MSME registration or get a Udyam registration certificate online.

Moreover, while filing in the details, you need to add personal information as well. The personal data will include name, PAN card number, business address, bank account details, and other general information during the MSME registration process. Plus, a photo needs to be uploaded.

Ensure that the photo’s size is within the permissible limits for it to be uploaded on the sire.

Although the online MSME registration is manageable, the expert’s help can make it even simpler.


Step 3: Review application and submit

Review the application thoroughly and re-verify that all the details are accurate. The application form with zero errors speeds up the process without any complications. Once you have verified the details, then only hit the submit button.


Step 4: Application in-process

After the successful submission of your application, the MSME executive will check your application. If there are any discrepancies, they will contact you to rectify the details.


Step 5: Receive certification

Once you complete the application, you will get the certificate for MSME Registration.

If you need to know what it would look like, you can download a copy of the Sample MSME Certificate at any time. Be sure that the Ministry will not issue a hardcopy of your certificate. You will receive a virtual certificate for MSME Registration.


Have a look at the documents that are necessitated for the MSME Registration Application.

Required Details:

  • Business’s address
  • Aadhar number of Owner as Director, Proprietor, Partner
  • Enterprise PAN card details(Proprietorship Firm : Individual PAN Details)
  • Enterprise Bank account details with IFSC code (Saving Account in case of
  • Proprietorship Firm is also eligible)
  • Investment in plant and machinery or equipment
  • Turnover Details as per last Financial Year
  • No of Employee


Is there any confusion than you can

call our Executive: + 91 82000 24380


All in all, registering a business under the MSME can have significant benefits such as more approving loan structure, subsidize rates, government help, access to certain tenders, and many more.

The registration will be much beneficial for your firm in the long run.

However, you should thoroughly complete the application and proceed further. Among the choices between online or offline, the online MSME registration is the favorable one. It is not only convenient but also easier to complete the application digitally.

Business Aadhar is a one stop solution to receive the Udyam registration certificate online. Our expertise and experience will make the process smoother and more straightforward, with zero flaws.

The more accurate your application is, the earlier you can receive the certificate and avail the benefits associated with MSME registration.

Get in touch with us to know more about how Business Aadhar can help you with the MSME registration process.

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