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Udyam Certificate is a LIFETIME VALID CERTIFICATE. You can avail the Udyam Registration Number in 24 hours, You will be eligible to avail all the benefits of msme certificate for all enterprises in the Service or Manufacturing Industry covered under th msme registration criteria. You can check your enterprise status by MSME Eligibility and Know more about benefits of udyam registration. Check Now! How's the new look of the msme certificate shown in Sample Certificate.

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Udyam / MSME Registration & Importance

Why do I have to Apply for MSME / Udyam Registration Certificate?

By applying for the Lifetime Valid Certificate, Business Owners will get a number of special msme advantages under the different types of business operations and get their businesses nominated under the MSME Act. You can check benefits of MSME Registration under our benefits section.

Yes,you have to re register Udyog Aadhar Certificate to Udyam Registration, as the Government of India has updated the MSME Registration process with a more compliant and data-driven process. If you have already registered under Udyog Aadhar (UAM), then you need to re-regsiter uam to udyam online registration. Then it will be linked your data with udyam portal.

For manufacturing sectors, manufacturing activities are also eligible under the Udyam MSME Act. You will have to apply for the Udyam certificate. Manufacturer sector have several advantages aftere they avail the MSME Certificate Online. When you covered under msme registration eligibility criteria to Register as MSME,Even if your business has registered under any other earier msme act as Udyog Aadhar / MSME / SSI.

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Service / Manufacturing activity in a start up is eligible for MSME as a business phase where support is required to do more business. MSME Certificate will give so many benefits by the act and the msme policy. Your start-up will get advantages by applying for Udyam Registration after launching your business operations.

Even if you have registered under any other earlier registrations such as Udyog Aadhar / MSME / SSI, you will have to re-register for msme certificate. As per the standard practices, every year the update with the credentials is more beneficail for your Company.

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Service Activity is eligible to regiter under MSME Act subject to covered under msme eligibility ciriteria. There are number of MSME registration advantages for Service enterprise under the udyam re registration for msme. Even if you have registered under Udyog Aadhar / MSME / SSI earlier, you must re-register msme with udyam as per the MSME Act amended recently by the Govt. of India.

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This if for an industry with a heavy investment with more than 10 crores in plant and machinery/equipment.

As per the MSME Act, 2006 from 1st July 2020 - Enterprise having investment less than 50 crores and turnover less than Rs. 250 Crore are considered as MSME and respective enterprises need to register under Udyam Registration. Earlier these businesses were considered as Large Enterprises but after the amendment in the MSME Act, these Enterprises are now considered under MSME with a long list of benefits available. By registering under the Udyam Registration, it is easy to transfer its enterprise status from Large to Medium or Small to MSME.

It will get a good amount of benefits and a new market for selling goods with the government's MSME preferred tender procedure, avail enhancement in finances, and much more. Hence you should consider to apply for the udyam MSME registration online at Business Aadhar.

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Even if you have a higher turnover for up to 250 crores and your investment is below 20 Crore, you are eligible to register under Udyam Registration / MSME registration. As per the MSME Act, 2006 from 1st July 2020 - Enterprise having investment less than 50 crores and Turnover less than Rs. 250 Crore consider as MSME and That enterprise has to register under Udyam Registration,the turnover and investment both are considered for MSME eligibility guidelines. And you need to apply for a fresh Udyam MSME Certificate as your Business Aadhar even if earlier registered under any other Udyog Aadhar / MSME / SSI / IEM Registration process earlier.

Now days your business has opportunity to avail msme benefits for tender with No EMD clause and Non Compete Clause.

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Eligible to Claim Benefits by Udyam Registration :

  • Collateral Free Loan
  • Lower Interest Rate in Loans
  • Fast Debtors Recovery
  • Legal Support to Recover Bad Debt
  • Preference in Tender Selection & Non EMD Clause for MSME
  • Government Subsidy
  • Technology Upgradation Support to Manufacturer
  • Reimbursement of certification fees for acquiring ISO standards
  • Interest Equalization Scheme for Exporters
  • Government Paymnet priority for MSME and much more.

Take this wise decision to get your business registered as per the relevance to Service or Manufacturing under Udyam / Udyog Aadhar / MSME / SSI Registration Certificate. It will benefit to your business as soon as you apply.

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