Recurring Subsidy

Interest Subsidy

Manufacturing units require fixed investment in Plant Machinery, Where units prefer Bank Finance, then Financial Cost is one of the components for the business level. By Gujarat Government Subsidy Policy helps to reduce interest costs by giving 5% -9% Interest subsidy on term loans. However, under the state government scheme, they can reduce finance costs by up to 2% on Loan Amounts. We can help out Units to make business plans to avail maximum Subsidy, Connect to know more and make better plans.

MSMEs can get interest rate cost reduction rates of up to 2% on their loans, giving them a boost to grow and make competitive with global. Partner with leading financial institutions to get the support and reduced interest costs you need to succeed. Don’t let high interest rates hold you back. Embrace our Interest Subvention program to fuel your MSME growth and achieve your goals.

Now days many Service businesses are also eligible for Interest Subsidy on Equipment and Assets Loan, You can connect us to check if your Service business is eligible under Interest Subsidy on your Capital Cost.

CGTMSE Charges reimbursement

The CGTMSE scheme is a government initiative that provides collateral-free loans to businesses that don’t have collateral security. The Central Government Trust manages this scheme and charges a fee for the loans. However, the state government will reimburse all expenses incurred to obtain CGTMSE loans for Five years, making it an affordable option for businesses without collateral.

Rental subsidy

The state government offers rental subsidies to help businesses manage their rent expenses. This supports manufacturing units to provide with either 65% of their rent paid or a maximum of ₹100,000 per year, whichever is lower. This subsidy can significantly reduce a business’s operating costs and improve its financial stability.

It’s available for Five Years for a New Venture or Expansion.