Benefits of Udyam/MSME Registration in India

The Indian government has always been focused on providing utmost benefits to the MSME Sector. There are numerous advantages of having an MSME/Udyam Certificate of your business . But in order to avail government benefits, it is mandatory to apply for MSME Registration for new as well as existing businesses. Only those businesses will be eligible to avail the benefits who had registered itseld as MSME/SSI under the MSME Act.

  • Get preference in payment process from customers as per statutory provisions.
  • Financial Subsidy from State Government, Central Government
  • Priority Lending Preference in Bank Finance with special conditions.
  • Get preference in tender selection / supplier selection.
  • Special Benefits under CORONA Pandemic Situation,2020.

Financial Subsidy from Central Government

  • Get 100% Collateral Free loans from all the banks in India under the Credit Guarantee Scheme(CGTMSE)scheme in both nationalized and private banks by showing lifetime valid Udyam Registration MSME Certificate Registration Certificate.
  • The government notified Mudra Loan for up to Rs. 10.00 lacs for Micro and Small Industries at a lower rate of interest.
  • For Technical Upgradation or Promote to use Technology updated machinery give subsidy at 15% of eligible plant and machinery up to limit of Rs. 15.00 lacs. (Capital Linked Subsidy Scheme)
  • To enhance the competitiveness of the MSME sector through Energy Efficiency and Product Quality Certification, the TEQUP scheme provides, a capital subsidy of 25% of the project cost subject to a maximum of Rs. 10.00 lakh shall be provided to the registered MSME units. While 25% of the project cost will be provided as a subsidy by the Government of India, the balance amount is to be funded through a loan from SIDBI/banks/financial institutions.
  • 50% subsidy for Patent registration for your invention on the business name or business owner name.
  • Waiver in Security Deposit in Government Tenders and Departments.
  • Support to MSME for marketing in India and around the world for all industries registered with the Udyam MSME Certificate department for Import and Export processes.

Financial Subsidy from State Government

  • Capital Subsidy on Manufacturing Project Set Up by 10% – 20% of Project cost.
  • Interest Subsidy by 5% – 9% part of Interest Loan. Eg. Term loan availed at 10% and you are eligible to reimbursed by 5% – 9% and you have to barred only 5% – 1% interest cost.
  • CGTMSE Fees is reimbursed by State Government.
  • Marketing Assistance By reimbursement to Foreign Travelling Cost for Business Fair

All above details is differ from state to state basis.

Priority Lending Preference in Bank Finance with special conditions.

  • MSME covered under Priority Lending for all scheduled bank.
  • Secondary Collateral free loans available for MSME units.
  • Reduction in interest rates from all banks in India by producing Udyog Aadhar Certificate as per bank/ financial institute norms.

Get preference in tender selection/supplier selection.

  • The Price & Purchase Preference Policy is providing marketing avenues for small-scale units. Government Purchase Programme includes a reservation of certain products for exclusive purchase from the SSI sector and price preference up to 15% in the case of selected items, which are produced in both large scales as well as small-scale units. Under the Single Point Registration Scheme of NSIC, SSI units registered with NSIC can avail the following benefits:-
      • Availability of tender sets free of costs.
      • Exemption from payment of earnest money deposit.
      • Exemption from payment of security.
      • Price preference upto 15% over the lowest quotation of the large scale units.
  • Pre-qualification criteria with respect to Prior Turnover and prior experience shall not be required for Micro & Small Enterprises as per GOI guidelines subject to meeting of quality and technical specifications.

Special benefits under CORONA Pandemic Situation, 2020

  • Emergency Credit Line for MSME with existing Finance
  • Banks and NBFCs to provide Emergency Credit Line to MSMES to up to 20% of outstanding credit as on 29th Feb, 20. 100% of such expanded credit shall receive a guarantee cover by government.
      • Eligible Borrowers: Up to Rs 25 crore of outstanding loan and up to Rs 100 crore of turnover.
      • Loan Tenure: 4 years with 1 year moratorium.
      • Interest: Interest Capped and No Guarantee Fee
      • Validity : Scheme available till 31st Oct 2020 to avail.
  • Subordinated Debt along with partial guarantee support from government to banks for providing Rs 20,000 crore subordinated debt to stressed and NPA MSMEs. The government to take the risk cover up to the first 20% of the loss.
  • Fund of Funds with a corpus of Rs 10000 crore to be set up to provide equity funding support to MSMEs with high growth potential.
  • Special Priority to MSME and Indian Enterprise for Government Tender
  • Indian MSMEs and other Companies have often faced unfair competition from foreign Companies for Tender upto 200 Crore value.

Procedure To Obtain Udyam / MSME / SSI Registration Certificate Online

Fill Up Application Form

Make Online Payment

Executive Will Process Application

Receive Certificate On Mail